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These are trying times with the onset of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in India.

As a response to COVID-19 and the closure of schools, the team at NagaEd has curated a list of educational resources for remote learning to assist in continuing education for students and teachers in Nagaland.

We hope that these sites and resources may be of use during this period.

Stay safe and take care.


Access video resources, downloadable learning content, and integrated curriculum.


NBSE Class 10 (video lessons and downloadable notes)


NBSE Class 9 (video lessons)

Class 8

NBSE Class 8 (video lessons)

Integrated Curriculum

Socio-emotional skills for class 2-4 (Age 8-13) by Simple Education Foundation


Access a list of open resources and links that you may find useful as you assist students who are at home due to Covid-19 and school closures.
Serial No.DescriptionLink
121st Century Learning DesignClick here
2Applications of Universal Design in Primary and Secondary EducationClick here
3Training on Remote Techniques for Student Engagement for teachers of NagalandClick here
4Development of teachers to improve student learning and achieve holistic development of studentsClick here
5Academic IntegrityClick here
6Academic Integrity (Course)Click here
7Digital learningClick here

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