Marina Dzuvichu

Operations Manager

Marina is responsible for managing the development and implementation of NagaEd’s projects, operations, and reporting procedures, including operation and status reporting, issue management and scope definition.


Marina Dzuvichu currently works as Operations Manager at NagaEd. She has been with the company for two years and has worked on two different ventures started by the founders of NagaEd. In her first year, she worked as Operations Coordinator at Wander Nagaland. Her role was focused on building a greater network, engaging operators and agencies, and collaborating on efforts with partner organizations and alliances. 

With extensive experience managing operational tasks and collaborating with the senior leadership team to set procedures, policies, and processes, she is now accountable for managing the development and implementation of NagaEd’s projects and operations.

Her educational background includes a Master in Travel and Tourism Industry Management completed from Delhi. She gained working experience in travel companies, and supported sales and operations, and assisted clients in culturally immersive experiences. 

As someone who values education and has seen the impact of technology that drives industry, NagaEd was an opportunity to support increased levels of education and uplift local communities.

Talk to Marina about :

  • Project Management
  • Business Operations and processes
  • Cross-functional team works

Fun Facts :

  • She enjoys baking
  • She likes to expand her creativity and knowledge of different art forms


  • Bachelor of Tourism Studies, Mahatma Gandhi University, 2008
  • PG Diploma in Travel and Tourism Industry Management, Delhi Institute of Travel and Tourism Management, 2011