Melbourne, Australia

Tran Nguyen

Learning and Teaching Advisor

Tran supports the delivery of digital distance learning to remote regions. Contributing to the organisation’s overall digital learning and teaching strategic initiatives she advisees the Learning Designer and IT support on course architecture and development.


With the hopes of becoming a scientist, Tran graduated with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, majoring in genetics. However, from her experience working in the laboratory as a genetics demonstrator, she discovered the joys of teaching – leading her to enroll into a Masters of Teaching. From there she began working in a range of teaching and coordinating roles within various universities and institutions.

After years of teaching at Deakin University, she was elected to design two courses. This experience sparked her interests in learning design and so she enrolled into a Graduate Certificate of eLearning and in the interim worked in NGOs and hospitals in their eLearning centres – eventually she returned to the higher education sector in an educational developer and learning design capacity. She currently works at RMIT University as a Senior Learning Designer.

With the 2020 shenanigans, Tran found herself with a lot of time on her hands being housebound and wanting to put this extra time to good use. By luck, she met Kevi and learnt about his ventures with NadaEd and put her hand up right away to lend her expertise to such a critical endeavour for the learners of Nagaland.


  • Masters of Teaching , University of Melbourne, 2013
  • Graduate Certificate of eLearning, University of New England (AU), 2018
  • Post Graduate Diploma, Secondary Education and Teaching, University of Melbourne, 2012
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Genetics, La Trobe University, 2011