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What people say about us
  • With 90%+ of Indian students unable to afford pricey ed-tech products from for-profits, the NagaEd-CSF partnership stands to benefit those students who need it most.



    Atul Bhargava
    Senior Program Manager, Central Square Foundation
  • The department has been working with NagaEd since the beginning of the pandemic to provide continuous learning for students in Nagaland. We are happy with the progress and trust that NagaEd will bring our vision of developing a digital delivery model to fruition.


    Shanavas C
    Principal Director, Directorate of School Education
  • Thrilled to have joined forces with NagaEd to provide quality digital education that our kids need and deserve. For us, NagaEd particularly understands local sensitivities and challenges and we couldn’t have chosen a better service provider.


    Aienla Tzudir
    Director, El-Shaddai Academy, Academic Partner School
  • Our teachers are trained in digital skills and have moved beyond Whatsapp, Google Classroom & Zoom. The NagaEd platform is enabling them to use a lot of tools to enhance the teaching-learning process. With digital learning now occupying a significant role in education, it is crucial that our teachers are trained in this area.

    Principal, The Vineyard, Academic Partner School

Our Mission and Values

Developing quality blended education solutions for tribal and indigenous communities


What we offer

A Digital Learning Management System, tailored to meet the educational pattern of each individual school as well as the capacity of individual students.

  • Teacher Training and Development
  • Customizable Accounts
  • IT Support Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • Over 12,000 learning videos

Why NagaEd

All-in-one platform

We combine the functionalities of several applications and provide video learning content, messages, notes and supplementary teaching materials conveniently on a single platform. 


We provide hands-on training and in-depth resource materials, so that teachers and administrators can familiarise themselves with NagaEd digital learning. Our dedicated Digital Education Specialists are always available to help troubleshoot and resolve your team’s queries.


You can access student analytics reports to monitor each individual pupil’s growth. Teachers can easily keep an eye on student progression, quiz scores, assignment feedback and more.

Easy and effective learning

We divide chapters into multiple curated, short videos for better focus and retention. NagaEd contains a host of interactive learning tools and has developed an intuitive teaching method based on a layered learning progression that is proven to create more effective learning outcomes.

Easy set up and maintenance

NagaEd offers a full implementation package and support with end-to-end project management in bringing digital education to your school. Our team is trained to rapidly install our system onsite and will conduct regular service visits to handle any maintenance or updates.


Embrace the future of education with confidence and revolutionize learning for your students’ academic growth and overall development. Our expert team is ready to guide you through a seamless onboarding process, tailored to elevate your institution to new heights of success.

Our Mission and Values

Delivering quality blended education solutions for tribal and indigenous communities.





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