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Recruitment FAQ

Where Can I Apply ?

You can apply at

Emailed My Application To, Is That OK ?

In order to be considered as a candidate for employment at NagaEd, you must apply through the online application form. If you simply email your application to , you will not be considered for hire.

What Are Basic Qualifications And What Role Do They Play In The Hiring Process At NagaEd ?

Basic qualifications are the minimum qualifications that a candidate must possess in order to be initially considered for the position. When applying to a position at NagaEd, be sure to clearly describe, through your Cover Letter and Resume/CV, how you meet the criteria for the specific position. 

We prefer candidates who meet the basic requirements listed in our position descriptions, but you are still able to apply without meeting all of them. If this is the case, we encourage you to write in your Cover Letter how you strive to meet our criteria.

We encourage all applicants to carefully review each position and job description prior to submitting an application.

Can I Apply To Multiple Positions ?

Yes, you may apply for more than one position if you fulfil the criteria on the position description. You will be reviewed independently for each position to which you apply. Kindly fill out separate forms for each position.

To Whom Should I Address My Cover Letter ?

You may address the cover letter to the hiring manager. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to inquiries with specific hiring manager contact information. 

Is It Possible To Edit Or Add Documents To A Previously Submitted Application ?

Unfortunately, you cannot change a completed and submitted application. We encourage all candidates to review their materials carefully before submitting their CV/Resume and Cover Letter.

How Long Does The Application Process Take ?

It will take you less than 10 minutes to apply. The form will ask you for required details and you will need to upload your Curriculum Vitae/Resume and a Cover Letter addressing the selection criteria on the position description.

In the following days, we will review your application and get in touch with you.

How Can I Be Sure NagaEd Received My CV/Resume And Cover Letter ?

After completing the online application form, you will receive a confirmation response from the NagaEd system which reads  “Application Received.”

What Should I Do If I Need Help With My Application ?

As a first step, read through the rest of this FAQ. Should you have technical difficulties with the online application form, contact If your inquiry requires action on our part, we will respond to you within five business days.

Can I Receive Feedback On My Application ?

We are unable to provide feedback on individual applications.

When Will I Know If I'm Going To Be Interviewed Or Offered A Job ?

At NagaEd, we aim to keep you informed throughout our hiring process. Once we have reviewed your application, we will send an email notification to each applicant, communicating the outcome of their application. Please understand that the review process may take some time due to the high volume of applications we receive.

Regarding the start dates for positions, they may vary, but the majority of positions are expected to commence in July. Please note that specific start dates will be discussed during the interview or offer stage.

How Can I Learn The Status Of My (Employment) Candidacy ?

HR managers are constantly reviewing resumes. If your background and experiences are a strong match for the position(s) to which you are applying, the human resources manager will contact you for a phone, online or in-person interview. However, please note that due to the high volume of resumes we receive, we are unable to respond to requests for updates on current applications.

How Long Does It Take To Process My Application ?

When you apply online, your CV/Resume and Cover Letter are instantly available to Human Resources. On average, the hiring process – from resume review to interviews and reference checks to final offer – takes around four to eight weeks.

How Do I Know I Am Selected ?

You will receive a written notification via email if you have been shortlisted for the position. 

The Job Application Deadline Has Passed. Can I Still Apply To This Position ?

If a position is still posted on the website, you may still apply regardless of the posted deadline.

What Type Of Contact Information Should I Provide ?

The online application form requires you to fill in the contact information. Please be aware when submitting contact information such as your current work phone number or email address that it may be used for automated email communications or for interview follow-up.

Who Should I Contact If I Can't Find The Answer To My Question On The FAQ ?

For all other inquiries, contact, and we will do our best to respond to your email.