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Elevate Your Course Design

Applying Learning Enhancements

Advance your course design and instructional strategies by integrating technology and data analytics.

What You'll Learn

  • Utilise technology to tackle instructional challenges and meet student needs.
  • Identify and resolve common teaching issues with effective solutions.
  • Conduct a critical analysis of courses to pinpoint areas for enhancement.
  • Enhance courses using LMS functionalities for improved learning engagement.

This Course Includes

  • In-depth exploration of blended learning and e-learning design principles.
  • Practical modules on course design, assessment building, and leveraging data.
  • Interactive self-assessments and a concluding project for real-world application.
  • Certificate of completion for all participants.


“Applying Learning Enhancements” is a comprehensive course designed to deepen educators’ understanding of course design principles, with a focus on leveraging technology and data to enhance instructional strategies. Through a series of interactive modules, participants will learn to refine their courses for maximum student engagement and efficacy.

Total Duration

2 weeks asynchronous


  • Educators seeking to integrate advanced technological solutions into their teaching.
  • Instructors looking to employ data-driven approaches for course improvement.
  • Any educational professional aspiring to elevate their instructional design and delivery.

Participants will receive a certificate upon completion, signifying their mastery in applying learning enhancements to their teaching practices.


  • Basic understanding of e-learning and blended teaching methodologies.
  • Access to a device with internet connectivity for LMS access and course activities.


Introductory Module: 

Blended Learning

  • Fundamentals of blended teaching and learning.
  • Effective implementation strategies and goal setting.

Module 1:

Enhancing Your Course Design

  • Exploration of e-learning design theories.
  • Utilisation of Canvas tools to enrich learning activities.

Module 2:

Building Assessment

  • Designing meaningful learning activities and assessments.
  • Employing Canvas tools for evaluation and feedback.

Module 3:

Leveraging Data

  • Strategies for effective data use in course planning and improvement.

Concluding Module:

  • Application of learned concepts in a practical project.
  • Course evaluation for continuous improvement.


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