Delivering NagaEd Courses

Equip yourself with the skills to utilize NagaEd LMS for impactful teaching and learning.

What You'll Learn

  • Navigate and set up your educator profile and course settings in the LMS.
  • Utilize communication tools like Inbox, Calendar, Announcements, and Discussion.
  • Organise your course content effectively using NagaEd’s structured modules.
  • Master grading and monitoring student work with Grades, SpeedGrader, and Student Analytics.


This 2-day intensive course is designed for educators looking to harness the full potential of the NagaEd Learning Management System. With a focus on the LMS, participants will be introduced to technical teaching delivery, NagaEd courseware, and online course accessibility. The course is divided into four practical modules, each aimed at enhancing your digital teaching capabilities.


  • Educators seeking to effectively deliver courses using NagaEd LMS.
  • Teachers aiming to incorporate digital tools into their teaching methodology.
  • Any educational professional looking to familiarize themselves with NagaEd’s online course offerings.

Upon completion, participants will be awarded a certificate, signifying their proficiency in delivering courses through the NagaEd Learning Management System


  • Attend a synchronous 2-day workshop.
  • Access to a training room with a projector and stable internet connectivity.
  • A device/laptop/desktop with internet access to complete the course activities.

This Course Includes

  • Comprehensive walkthroughs of the LMS functionalities.
  • Hands-on modules covering communication, content organisation, and assessment strategies.
  • A certificate of completion for all participants.


Day 1

Module 1:

Getting Started: Introduction to the LMS, profile and user account settings, course settings, and the Rich Content Editor (RCE).

Module 2:

Communicate and Discuss: Using Inbox, Calendar, Announcements, and Discussion features to enhance communication

Day 2

Module 3:

Organise Your Course Content: Structuring courses with NagaEd modules, managing content, and understanding assessment types.

Module 4:

Assess, Grade and Monitor Student Work: Utilising Grades, SpeedGrader, and Student Analytics for effective student evaluation.


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