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Keep your Class 9 & 10 student Board exam ready

80% of students agreed the course enhanced their knowledge and improved their understanding. Our team at NagaEd has created comprehensive subject contents that follows Class 9 & 10 NBSE Board syllabus.

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Plus, notes, and question and answer papers that your students can access anytime.



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Bring digital transformation to your school with NagaEd

Get NBSE aligned subject materials

Receive complete assistance

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Track your entire classroom's progress

Our platform comes with an analytics dashboard that provides critical metrics for you to draw insights on individual student performance.

You can use the information to:

Training for school teachers

We have designed a beginner course to upskill teachers to become digital educators.

Under this course, teachers will learn to:

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Bring digital transformation to your school with NagaEd

NagaEd is a reliable web-based software that helps:

  • Institutions to manage digital education
  • Educators to manage classes and assess student progress
  • Students to engage in interactive learning and receive constructive feedback

01 Academic Partnership

The school and NagaEd partner each other

Teachers’ Training

The school teachers are given training to use the platform

Implementation of Platform

The NagaEd team starts implementing the platform

Course Delivery

NagaEd provides custom courses that match the school’s syllabus and marks pattern to track student progress. We provide everything your teachers need for their classroom. Teachers uses NagaEd to design and deliver course content and track students progress for feedback

Learn to keep track of your students' progress with NagaEd

Why NagaEd?

Keep your students exam-ready

  • Teachers can easily customize and share course contents with the class
  • Students can access their subject materials anytime from any device

Get assistance from Team NagaEd

We help you get familiarized with our platform with a quick set up. With all the support and assistance, you can start using NagaEd from day one.

Get an overview of your entire class' progress

Teachers can keep a tab on their class and give timely support to students. They can view where students need additional help and improve their results.

Help your teachers to be digital educators

With NagaEd’s training course for teachers, they will learn to use our platform to:

  1. Communicate with students more effectively
  2. Manage their subject course content
  3. Assess their students

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