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”For me, this platform will enliven classroom teaching especially for subjects like Science where most of the topics are factual… As teachers, we want inclusive knowledge that can be shared and understood by the majority if not all, so this platform is it for me!”

Ringhuila Zimik,
Class 9 Science Teacher, Northfield

Review This e-learning platform is amazing! I can definitely see this as a game changer and it will give ample opportunities for a creative and innovative space for learning to all students who have a quest for knowledge and skills.”

Khosato Khamo,
Class 8, IT & GK Teacher, The Vineyard

“Appreciate the initiative taken by the NagaEd team in helping us (teachers) explore a whole new method for making online learning more productive for the students. On a personal level, I am really thankful for the guidance and support.”

Ajung Longkumer,
Class 8 Social Science Teacher, The Vineyard

“NagaEd is a thorough course that is well organized and conceived which enables the student to learn at their own pace and have access to their teachers when needed. The format is efficient and flexible for students, teachers and is very user-friendly.”

Chumbeni Y. Ovung,
Class 9 & 10, English Teacher, El Shaddai Academy

    Keep your Class 9 & 10 student Board exam ready

    80% of students agreed the course enhanced their knowledge and improved their understanding. Our team at NagaEd has created comprehensive subject contents that follows Class 9 & 10 NBSE Board syllabus.

    Cool Number


    Cool Number

    Practice quiz sets

    Cool Number

    MCQ test sets

    Plus, notes, and question and answer papers that your students can access anytime.



    Social science


    Bring digital transformation to your school with NagaEd

    Get NBSE aligned subject materials

    • Our team of experts help your teachers develop course materials and enhance your classes
    • Students can also access over 10,000+ educational videos and custom course materials for a range of subjects
    • Students can start preparing for their exams anytime with preloaded materials
    • Struggling students can get the extra support and help they need
    • Our courses are designed to help you understand concepts and ideas with ease

    Receive complete assistance

    • We will assist you from start to finish to ensure full implementation of our platform
    • Our team is trained to rapidly install our system onsite and will conduct regular service visits to handle any maintenance or updates
    • Our team is ever ready to help troubleshoot any issue anytime!

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    Track your entire classroom’s progress

    Our platform comes with an analytics dashboard that provides critical metrics for you to draw insights on individual student performance.

    You can use the information to:

    • Track your students’ progress
    • Identify relevant areas for improvement
    • Get customized data for each student and engage with them at their individual pace of learning
    • Get the entire classroom progress report to save both time and costs
    • Help students learn at their own pace or faster to stay ahead of the curve

    Training for school teachers

    We have designed a beginner course to upskill teachers to become digital educators.

    Under this course, teachers will learn to:

    • Identify the features of NagaEd LMS and their functionality quickly and efficiently
    • Apply basic technical NagaEd LMS knowledge and skills
    • Develop their personal technical skills
    • Navigate self help guides to upskill based on needs
    • Interact with your students digitally
    • Manage and curate lesson plans & content for your classes
    • Automate students’ mark sheets and grade books hassle-free
    • Upskill themselves navigating through self help guides

     Find out more about Training for Educators by booking a demo

    Our teachers are trained in digital skills and have moved beyond Whatsapp, Google Classroom & Zoom. The NagaEd platform is enabling them to use a lot of tools to enhance the teaching-learning process. With digital learning now occupying a significant role in education, it is crucial that our teachers are trained in this area

    Leneno Y. Disong
    The Vineyard School, Kohima

    Review Text

    Testimonial #1

    Review Text

    Testimonial #1

      Bring digital transformation to your school with NagaEd

      NagaEd is a reliable web-based software that helps:

      • Institutions to manage digital education
      • Educators to manage classes and assess student progress
      • Students to engage in interactive learning and receive constructive feedback

      01 Academic Partnership

      The school and NagaEd partner each other

      Teachers’ Training

      The school teachers are given training to use the platform

      Implementation of Platform

      The NagaEd team starts implementing the platform

      Course Delivery

      NagaEd provides custom courses that match the school’s syllabus and marks pattern to track student progress. We provide everything your teachers need for their classroom. Teachers uses NagaEd to design and deliver course content and track students progress for feedback

      Learn to keep track of your students’ progress with NagaEd

      Book a demo

      Why NagaEd?

      Keep your students exam-ready

      • Teachers can easily customize and share course contents with the class
      • Students can access their subject materials anytime from any device

      Get assistance from Team NagaEd

      We help you get familiarized with our platform with a quick set up. With all the support and assistance, you can start using NagaEd from day one.

      Get an overview of your entire class’ progress

      Teachers can keep a tab on their class and give timely support to students. They can view where students need additional help and improve their results.

      Help your teachers to be digital educators

      With NagaEd’s training course for teachers, they will learn to use our platform to:

      1. Communicate with students more effectively
      2. Manage their subject course content
      3. Assess their students

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is NagaEd Digital School ?

      NagaEd Digital School is a site that holds learning content and assessments for your students  to access in their own time to acquire knowledge and skills for their studies. The site has interactive games, quizzes, videos and other learning resources.

      Once your account has been set up, go to https://learn.nagaed.com/ and use your email and password to log in. 

      NagaEd Digital School offers flexible and self-paced learning for students including supplementary materials to support face-to-face classes. It caters to multiple learning styles and hosts a robust library of learning materials from leading institutions such as the Directorate of School Education (DOSE), Central Board of School Education and Central Square Foundation.

      Yes, we can customize the LMS to your school requirements and train your teachers and administration on the use of the platform and best practice.

      Yes, we offer onsite training and support for teachers, staff, and students. To get in touch for training and support you may mail us at hello@nagaed.com or call us on +91 8730090732.

      Yes, NagaEd will manage the end-to-end technical installation and training for your school.

      Call our Support Line on +91 8730090732 or email us at hello@nagaed.com.

      Your first step to be a digitally-enabled school

      Become our Academic Partner and take a step towards digital education

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