High school Teacher (Content Developer)

Job Title: High school Teacher (Content Developer)
Department: Learning and Teaching
Location: Kohima
Hours: Full-time

Purpose of the Position

Join NagaEd, a vibrant hub for teaching innovation. We are inviting high school teachers from all subjects to be part of our journey to make learning more engaging. Here, you will craft educational content for blended digital learning, rooted in either NBSE or CBSE curriculums. We believe in collaboration, so you’ll team up with various contributors for content and make sure it’s ready on time. Plus, you’ll get to shape NagaEd’s digital learning strategy, joining hands with us in various projects and initiatives.

Organisational Unit Function

  • Integrate learning design principles into content development for alignment with NBSE and/or CBSE standards
  • Craft lesson plans that breathe life into your subject’s curriculum.
  • Develop engaging digital content to assist students in achieving learning objectives.
  • Make lessons fun, current, interactive, and challenging with modern e-learning tools.
  • Tailor approaches to meet the unique needs of each student.
  • Efficiently manage projects to deliver high-quality digital content on time and within budget.
  • Join meetings and groups that shape our top-quality digital content.
  • Champion a culture where we always strive to do better and learn from each other.
  • Continuously assess the implementation of course design standards in the content development process and gather feedback to drive iterative improvements.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing at NagaEd.

Selection Criteria

If you have a burning passion for teaching, learning, and education, this is your chance to shine. Dive into the world of lesson design and craft content that captivates students’ minds. As a content developer, it’s essential to tap into the rhythms of student growth. This insight will empower you to sculpt curricula and lesson plans that not only resonate with students but also align seamlessly with board standards.


  • Passion for educating our youth.
  • At least 3 years of teaching in a high school.
  • Masters in a relevant field.
  • Curiosity for the latest in digital education.
  • Solid grasp of NBSE and/or CBSE teaching content.
  • A team player, always ready to support and collaborate.
  • Self-driven, but loves teaming up.
  • A knack for managing time, juggling tasks and adjusting when needed.
  • A forward-thinker who can spot problems before they pop up.