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hello@nagaed.com | +91 87877 48698


An open and reliable web-based software that allows institutions to

  • Manage digital education
  • Educators to create courses and assess student progress
  • Students to engage in interactive learning and receive constructive feedback


Our digital education specialists help faculty, staff and administrators learn how to use our products. Training courses are assembled by experts from Australia and Nagaland that enable teachers to customize and develop lesson plans, learning frameworks and pathways for students.


We help you to embrace digital education at your institution by supporting you right from planning to execution. Our team will be on-site, working with your staff every step of the way



Loaded with digital tools like video uploads, rubrics, content modules and quizzes that help keep students absorbed with the study materials.


Allows seamless collaboration between educators, students, groups, classes, and parents through videos, audio, and messaging capabilities.

Student Tracking

Analytics dashboard that provides critical metrics to draw insights on individual student performance and interactions, and to identify relevant areas of improvement and feedback.


A system that can be tailored to the learning and teaching requirements of each individual school.

Cloud-based approach

Eliminates downtime and ensures uninterrupted teaching sessions and cloud storage for content.


Course Design and Development

Our team of experts help you develop course materials and enhance your digital classes. We also share custom course materials for a range of subjects with access to over 10,000+ educational videos.

On-going Support

You can have access to a world-class helpdesk, staffed by in-house experts. We offer quick resolutions to questions and problems including direct support for all institution staff.

System Administration

Our IT department is advanced and takes rapid actions to take care of the technical operations of your learning management system from regular software updates to resolving IT issues and bugs.

Reporting and Analytics

You can track your students’ progress and find how you can improve their learning. Customized data for each student helps you to engage with students at their individual pace of learning.


Not sure if you’re ready to bring digital education to your school? We’ll be glad to show you how you can digitally empower your school.


What people say about us
  • With 90%+ of Indian students unable to afford pricey ed-tech products from for-profits, the NagaEd-CSF partnership stands to benefit those students who need it most.



    Atul Bhargava
    Senior Program Manager, Central Square Foundation
  • The department has been working with NagaEd since the beginning of the pandemic to provide continuous learning for students in Nagaland. We are happy with the progress and trust that NagaEd will bring our vision of developing a digital delivery model to fruition.


    Shanavas C
    Principal Director, Directorate of School Education
  • Thrilled to have joined forces with NagaEd to provide quality digital education that our kids need and deserve. For us, NagaEd particularly understands local sensitivities and challenges and we couldn’t have chosen a better service provider.


    Aienla Tzudir
    Director, El Shaddai Academy, Academic Partner School
  • Our teachers are trained in digital skills and have moved beyond Whatsapp, Google Classroom & Zoom. The NagaEd platform is enabling them to use a lot of tools to enhance the teaching-learning process. With digital learning now occupying a significant role in education, it is crucial that our teachers are trained in this area.

    Principal, The Vineyard, Academic Partner School

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