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Kevisato Sanyu

Founder, NagaEd

Hailing from the tribal communities of Nagaland and raised in Australia, Kevisato Sanyu embarked on a quest to seek an answer to the question “What is my contribution to my community?”. His professional trajectory initially led him to conservation, where he dedicated eight years to bolstering environmental legislation and policies for endangered species, wilderness expanses, and rainforests in his adopted homeland of Australia.

Subsequently, Kevisato turned his attention to the realm of higher education, aligning with RMIT University – an eminent and sizeable Australian institution. Tasked with anticipating the future of education, Kevisato concentrated on devising degree programmes for the forthcoming generations of scholars and labour force. His tenure at RMIT culminated at the Centre of Academic Quality and Excellence, where he fashioned a comprehensive academic quality appraisal mechanism for the 500+ degrees on offer, ensuring adherence to both national and international educational benchmarks.

Recognising his tribal community’s aspiration for economic autonomy, Kevisato pursued a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation before re-establishing his roots in Nagaland. As an entrepreneur, he currently creates enterprises that generate wealth, stimulate employment, and introduce innovation to the local populace.

At the helm of his latest venture, NagaEd, a digital education firm, Kevisato and his team supply digital learning materials tailored for tribal and indigenous communities.

Kevisato is a member of the National Committee on Skill Development & Livelihood at the Confederation of Indian Industry and an Advisory Board Member of UpSol.

In his leisure time, Kevisato relishes hiking amidst nature, traversing the globe, and indulging in horror films.

Kevisato’s role at NagaEd

Kevisato Sanyu leads the development of strategies and processes across core business functions, ensuring the highest quality services across the organisation. He is focused on ensuring the company is socially and fiscally responsible and people-focused.

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  • Building empowered communities

Fun Facts:

  • He once flew to Borneo for a first date
  • Loves camping and hiking
  • Can eat the world’s hottest chilli without breaking a sweat.


  • Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Swinburne University of Technology, 2018
  • Advanced Diploma of Business (Marketing), RMIT University, 2010