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Kevisato Sanyu


Kevisato leads the development of strategies, policies, processes across all business functions, ensuring the highest quality services across all areas of the organisation. He is focused on ensuring the company is socially responsible and people-focused.


Kevisato is the founder of 3 ventures that focus on uplifting and building capabilities within the Naga community, NagaEd being the most recent company. He began his career in the not-for-profit sector as an Organiser working on national conservation campaigns in Australia. His passion for continuous improvement led him to work on several organisation-wide capability uplift projects. His ability to successfully implement process and system changes that introduce new capabilities to organisations soon became cornerstone of his career.

Kevisato currently works at RMIT where he co-designed the program evaluation framework and methodology used to analyse student and labour force demand data, and internal performance metrics to identify program rationalization, optimisation and innovation opportunities. During his time at the university’s Strategy Office, he built tools that advise the university on building roadmaps for its RMIT’s 600+ offerings.  He is currently responsible for the evaluation of academic quality, and assessing the impact of legislative changes across People, Process, Technology and Governance.

As an entrepreneur, Kevisato is passionate about contributing to his village in Nagaland. Kevisato has launched two businesses that generate jobs for the indigenous population through sharing their cultural and natural heritage. His first venture Naga Homestay links homestay hosts to travellers while the second venture offers tours that introduce travellers to the indigenous way of life of the Nagas.


  • Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Swinburne University of Technology, 2018
  • Advanced Diploma of Business, RMIT University, 2010