NBSE Class 9 Video Lesson

Chapter No.Chapter NameLink to Topic
1Rip Van WinkleRip Van Winkle
2Lord Ullin's DaughterLord Ullin's Daughter
3Dr. Talimeren Ao- The Football WizardDr. Talimeren Ao- The Football Wizard
5Toasted EnglishToasted English
5Toasted EnglishToasted English
7A Simple PhilosophyA Simple Philosophy
7A Simple PhilosophyA Simple Philosophy
8The Echoing GreenThe Echoing Green
9A Christmas CarolA Christmas Carol
9A Christmas CarolA Christmas Carol
10Bishops CandlesticksBishops Candlesticks
Grammar Worksheet IParts of SpeechParts of Speech
Grammar Worksheet IDeterminersDeterminers
Grammar WorkSheet 1Subject-Verb AgreementSubject-Verb Agreement
Grammar Worksheet IIPrepositionPreposition
Grammar Worksheet IIPrefix & SuffixPrefix & Suffix
Grammar Worksheet IIITenses- Simple, past and futureTenses- Simple, past and future
Grammar Worksheet IVTenses- Present Perfect TenseTenses- Present Perfect Tense
Grammar Worksheet IVModalsModals
WritingPoster WritingPoster Writing
WritingInformal LetterInformal Letter
WritingInformal InvitationInformal Invitation