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hello@nagaed.com | +91 87877 48698

NagaEd is social enterprise focusing on affordable and quality education for rural and remote communities

In conversation with Anuj Sharma, Founder at ALSiSAR Impact:

why Alsisar Impact incubated NagaEd

NagaEd team rolling out the Pilot Project with CHSS Dimapur (March 2021)

Why did ALSiSAR Impact incubate a startup from Nagaland?

What the moment when it was decided to incubate NagaEd?

Why do you think this social startup is important?

What aspect of it made you passionate enough to incubate in it?

What challenges do you think this Social startup / EduTech startup will help overcome?

What social impact do you see in the long run?

About Us

NagaEd is a leading digital education company that provides learning and teaching solutions for students, teachers and institutions through modern and digitally enabled educational experience. We create a learning society where all Nagas are provided equal opportunity to access quality education resources.

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