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hello@nagaed.com | +91 87877 48698
After seeing their family members struggle to access quality learning resources during the COVID-19 school shutdown, founders Kevisato Sanyü and Shiroi Shaiza set up the NagaEd in hopes to provide learning and teaching solutions for students, teachers and institutions seeking a digitally enabled educational experience. 
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NagaEd and the Department of School Education (DoSE) calls for parents and students to participate in a statewide digital education experience survey (www.nagaed.com/survey) to better understand the challenges parents and students have been facing during the pandemic.
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NagaEd is a leading digital education company that provides learning and teaching solutions for students, teachers and institutions through modern and digitally enabled educational experience. We create a learning society where all Nagas are provided equal opportunity to access quality education resources.

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