NagaEd Embarks on ‘Listening Mission’: Amplifying Hopes and Addressing Challenges in Kiphire’s Educational Landscape 

  • NagaEd launches a transformative three-year initiative, addressing educational challenges in frontier villages along the India-Myanmar boundary, fostering potential and moulding futures. 
  • Embarking on a unique ‘listening mission’ in Kiphire district, NagaEd seeks to absorb and integrate the educational aspirations and challenges of the local communities. 
  • The holistic approach of NagaEd’s project transcends mere technology infusion, aiming for a comprehensive educational transformation that aligns with the community’s genuine needs and aspirations. 

Nagaland – The quaint frontier villages dotting the India-Myanmar boundary, while rich in culture and tradition, have often grappled with educational challenges. NagaEd, a pioneer in the realm of digital education, is launching a transformative three-year initiative to elevate the quality of education in these regions, notably in places such as Sitimi, Longmatra, Khongsa, Amahator, Pungro and Kiphire. Education in these regions tells a tale of potential yet to be tapped. Places like Pungro register female literacy rates as low as 35.86%. Kiphire, with its beauty and vibrancy, sadly witnesses school dropout rates 12 times above the national average. These aren’t just statistics; they represent dreams waiting to be realised and futures ready to be moulded. 

Emphasising Future Possibilities Through Attuned Listening 

NagaEd’s team, currently deployed in Kiphire, embarks upon a ‘listening mission’ unlike any traditionally witnessed in community-centric projects. Beyond a mere fact-finding mission, this expedition ventures into the realms of genuine dialogue and attuned listening with teachers, students, administrators, and community bodies about their educational aspirations. The methodology envelops surveys, interviews, and observations but is steeped in a deeper, more connective engagement that transcends mere interaction into a sphere of heartfelt communication. 

“Listening from the emerging field of future possibilities,” denotes a unique, future-oriented strategy that NagaEd has adopted. This involves not merely absorbing present-day concerns and aspirations but actively tuning into the unspoken, into the space where nascent future possibilities linger, awaiting to be acknowledged and nourished. A commitment to such a level of listening requires the team to access not just an open heart but also an open will, connecting to and facilitating the emergence of the highest future possibilities that dwell within the community’s collective aspiration. 

The Learning Enhancement & Accessibility Project (LEAP) in partnership with the District Administration, Kiphire launched this week in Kiphire with government officials, community members and local schools. Members present for the launch week were the Deputy Commissioner, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Subdivision Education Officer Seyochung, Assistant District Education Officer Kiphire, Extra Assistant Commissioner, Samagra Shiksha Abhiyaan representatives, Aspiration District Team, Akehda Sangtamlarü Thsingmüjungla Women’s Union, Village Education Boards/Village Development Boards, Pastors, and School Management Committees of government and private schools. 

Kevisato Sanyu, the visionary founder of NagaEd, delves deeper into the initiative’s essence: “Our mission goes beyond technology; it’s a holistic educational transformation that deeply resonates with the community’s aspirations and challenges. Our ‘listening mission’ in Kiphire aims to understand and integrate the true needs and dreams of educators and students into our initiatives.” 

NagaEd has embarked on a meticulous journey to bring this vision to life. Key steps involve assessing the current state of digital tools in schools. While some schools have had the fortune of receiving digital aids like computers, the real challenge lies in their effective utilisation. 

Shiroi Shaiza Sanyu aptly puts it, “It’s not just about the tools, it’s about the hands that wield them.” To this end, NagaEd’s intervention lays significant emphasis on empowering educators. Teacher training modules are designed to ensure that educators are not just familiar, but proficient with the tech tools at their disposal. Beyond the mechanics, these sessions also equip teachers with strategies to keep students engaged, ensuring that the digital shift is an exciting journey for young minds. 

John Tsulise Sangtam, NCS, Deputy Commissioner, Kiphire addressed community stakeholders at the launch yesterday, expressing his enthusiasm for the project, “I am happy to be here to launch, officially launch the program, and I hope launching this program will take you a long way for the next few years. All that we need is your enthusiasm to learn, and your eagerness to learn more, and I think that will take you along. Nagaed has taken the responsibility of the District Administration of Kiphire to take you along, and I am happy that Nagaed has accepted our proposal to work with you, to work with us, all of us, that our capacity in digital learning will improve so that we also become par with the rest of the world.” 

Moving forward, NagaEd’s three-year vision embodies continuous iterations and reflective adaptations. An ongoing listening mission in Kiphire exemplifies this, providing crucial insights into ground realities, and ensuring the initiative stays consistently aligned with the tangible needs of the community.

The journey NagaEd has undertaken is commendable, not just for its ambition but for its heartfelt dedication to a community that truly stands to benefit. As classrooms in the remote regions of Sitimi, Longmatra, Khongsa, Amahator, Pungro and Kiphire undergo this transformation, they won’t just witness a change in infrastructure but a profound shift in the way education is perceived and delivered. 

In this endeavour, NagaEd isn’t alone. It’s a collaborative effort, with educators, community leaders, and stakeholders playing their part. Together, they’re not just crafting a new chapter in education for these frontier villages but laying the foundation for a brighter, more informed future. 

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