NagaEd partners with CSF to provide free education resources

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NagaEd partners with CSF to provide free education resources

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NagaEd, a digital education provider has partnered with Central Square Foundation (CSF), a venture philanthropy fund and policy think tank that works towards improving the learning outcomes of students across India. 

The partnership gives Naga students and teachers access to CSF’s TicTacLearn (TTL) content repository, which holds over 12,000 quality educational videos and assessments for classes K-12, informed a press release issued by NagaEd Kevisato Sanyü, Founder and Shiroi Shaiza, Co-Founder

NagaEd has begun curating the content for the local curriculum and has made them available via their website

According to the World Economic Forum, nearly 320 million students in India were adversely affected by the pandemic. “In Nagaland, this situation has caused a huge disruption, which brought to the surface some of the major challenges in the existing education system, including poorly resourced schools, under-qualified teachers, and limited access to digital infrastructure,” NagaEd team observed. 

As stated in the UNESCO 2021 State of the Education Report (SOER) for India, released earlier this month, one of the most prominent issues in the state education system is the lack of qualified teachers. “Nagaland ranks third lowest in the country for qualified teachers at the pre-primary and primary levels. The lack of professional development opportunities and poor working conditions of teachers has only exacerbated the strain the pandemic has put on the education system,” it stated. 

“We hope the TicTacLearn videos and learning materials can support teachers and students during these disruptive times and ease some of the challenges of adapting to distance education,” said Sanyü. She added, “This partnership couldn’t have come at a better time. There is a great need for easily accessible, quality content that can reach students at school and at home. This partnership will not only provide this content to the students, parents and teachers of Nagaland, but it also stands to make education more engaging and accessible.”

Over 6000 students, parents and teachers across the state have already accessed the free learning resources on NagaEd website

Speaking on the partnership, Atul Bhargava, Senior Project Lead of CSF said, “TicTacLearn, supported by Central Square Foundation,, HT Parekh Foundation and Maitri Foundation is one of India’s largest digital content repositories for school students with over 12,000 videos and associated assessments across six Indian languages. During the last 18 months, TTL has been used as part of learn-at-home programs by 10 state governments.”

Bhargava added, “The partnership between NagaEd and TTL is a step in the right direction as it allows students of Nagaland access to the entire TTL content repository in a very structured way using NagaEd’s web portal – absolutely free of cost. With 90%+ of Indian students unable to afford pricey ed-tech products from for-profits, the NagaEd-CSF partnership stands to benefit those students who need it most.”

Speaking on the accessibility of the content, Directorate of School Education Principal Director, Shanavas C said, “Department of School Education is happy to learn about the tie-up of NagaEd with CSF, which is a national level think tank in India. The organization is doing similar activities in other states of the country too. I hope that TicTacLearn will benefit the students of Nagaland in a very positive way as the state slowly moves towards the path of digital education in the aftermath of COVID 19.”

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