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NagaEd selected for Alsisar Impact incubation prog

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Alsisar Incubation

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NagaEd, an education technology start-up from Nagaland, was selected to join the incubation programme at Alsisar Impact, a Mumbai-based social impact incubator.

NagaEd founders Kevisato Sanyü and Shiroi Lily Shaiza informed that they set up NagaEd after seeing their family members struggle to access quality learning resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NagaEd was set up in hopes to provide learning and teaching solutions for students, teachers and institutions seeking a digitally enabled educational experience.

The founders reached out to incubators nationally and internationally, presenting the unique challenges and opportunities found in Nagaland education system and were selected to join the incubation programme from Mumbai based social impact incubator – Alsisar Impact.

Alsisar Impact acts as a key catalyst in the impact investing and social enterprise landscape in developing geographies. Till date, Alsisar has mobilised over USD$350 million investment for over 600 ventures in over 18 different countries, the release informed.

“We are very grateful to join Alisiar’s incubation program. The legal, regulatory, compliance and fundraising support Alsisar is providing is exactly what we need to launch and grow our business,” said founder Kevisato Sanyü, on joining the incubation programme. 

“I came to visit Nagaland in 2017 and was really inspired by Nagas who are forward thinking and naturally innovative. While mainland cities in India get maximum support for startups and businesses, places like Nagaland are easily overlooked. With the right support, local startups have the power to solve the state’s unique challenges and provide more employment,” Founder Director of Alsisar, Anuj Sharma shared.

Co-founder of NagaEd, Shiroi Shaiza shared that, “Working in entrepreneurship and startups for the past 6 years in Nagaland I see a growing number of Naga companies capitalising on the unique opportunities Nagaland has, especially during this recent period of disruption.”

She highlighted the role of local organisations such as Entrepreneurs Associates (EA) who provide foundational skills and exposure to local entrepreneurs through business courses like the Basic Entrepreneurship Skills Training (BEST). “EA also connects entrepreneurs to national and international incubators that provide startups with training, support and funding,” she added.

“…Very few Startups have boldly taken up the leadership to help the economy get back on its feet. NagaEd is one such innovation. EA is glad to encourage and support such innovations not just for social change but to institutionalize systematic entrepreneurial culture in Nagaland, which is the need of the hour,” Neichute Doulo, CEO of Entrepreneurs Associates said.

Encouraging other local start-ups to seek national and international support, Shiroi said, “Nagaland is emerging into the global entrepreneurship stage and we need to get ready to take our businesses to the next level. NagaEd is looking to work with entrepreneurs to help grow Nagaland as an investment destination.”

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NagaEd is a leading digital education company that provides learning and teaching solutions for students, teachers and institutions through modern and digitally enabled educational experience. We create a learning society where all Nagas are provided equal opportunity to access quality education resources.

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