Consultants from top global consulting firms help advance digital education in Nagaland

  • Top firms like TeleSense, MRI Software LLC, Rupeek Fintech, and 60 Decibels help advance digital education in Nagaland.
  • CFH assists NagaEd in its journey towards attaining SDG targets.
  • Consultants from London and Chicago are helping Nagaland become a more digitally advanced state.

23 Sept, 2021 Led by two vibrant young minds, NagaEd is a leading social enterprise aiming at addressing a basic unmet need of the society – Education. The organization which is a one of its kind digital education solution in the state is set out on a mission to develop quality blended education solutions for students, teachers, and institutions and drive improved education outcomes across the North East Region (NER). NagaEd has recently partnered with Consult For Humanity (CFH) combining their industry-leading management consulting services with NagaEd’s vision of creating simpler, more supportive processes and platforms that empower students and educators. 

CFH aims to bridge the scarce talent pool gap in India’s developing sectors and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by offering pro-bono consulting services from a specialised team of experienced professionals from top tier organizations like the University of Chicago, Teach for India, PwC and Unilever.

The 3 months-long collaboration between the two organizations focused on successfully co-creating a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding toolkit to help accelerate NagaEd towards providing quality blended education across the state. During this period, CFH also assisted in developing a Theory of Change that helps bring accountability to NagaEd’s goals and objectives as well as providing a blueprint for evaluating the short, medium and long term success of the company.

Speaking on the successful partnership, Kevisato Sanyü, Founder, NagaEd said, “It was a pleasure to work alongside Consult for humanity. Their passion for the work reflected deeply in the outcomes they produced. Whether it be helping us co-create our CSR toolkit or developing our brand story, their in-depth research, strategy, and professionalism through it all has been unmatched. I would especially like to mention the consultants who worked closely with us – Prasham Kothari, Karan Raja, Shubham Singhal, Sanjana Belani, and Srilatha Adabala for helping us move toward a more sustainable and robust business model.” 

He also added, “As a result of this partnership, we are better equipped to empower educators and students across the state of North-East.”

Additionally, CFH has created a roadmap that targets CSR companies focused on supporting organisations that contribute to the SDGs, along with some of the best practices for social enterprises to tap into corporate giving. This enables NagaEd to make its program more accessible to the public.

Meesha Gandhi, one of the Founders at CFH said “At CFH we are constantly looking for organizations that have a clear and strong commitment to impact. When we came across NagaEd’s work, we instantly knew that we had to bring them on board as a part of CFH’s next cohort. 

Sharmi Sheth, Founder at CFH added, “NagaEd’s innovative and digitally-enabled education experience impacts both students and teachers, therefore creating value for the most relevant stakeholders in the education system. NagaEd’s founders are driven and are deemed to do great things in the Edtech space not only in Nagaland but beyond.”

Prasham Kothari, Consultant at CFH said, “I was excited to work on NagaEd because I’m deeply interested in the topic of how quality education can be made accessible to the underprivileged and those living in the remote parts of the country and NagaEd is poised to be at the center of that change. I was moved by the passion of both Mr. Sanyü (Founder) and Ms. Shaiza (Co-Founder). Their knowledge in the field of education and technology was tremendous. NagaEd has a very innovative solution to the learning challenges that students face, and it is a process that can be easily replicated in other parts of the country.”

The deliverables by CFH are a part of NagaEd’s strategic vision to create a sustainable social enterprise(SE) model. NagaEd has been working with leading social enterprise incubator, Alsisar Impact to develop a successful SE model for Nagaland.


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