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NagaEd ties up with Australian educators co-design digital classes

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Pilot Launch

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Australian educators are working with teachers from Nagaland to co-design an education delivery model that provides students access to quality education resources. The project, initiated by NagaEd, has created a modularised digital crash course to support class 10 students with their upcoming HSLC exams.

According to a press release from NagaEd founder Kevisato Sanyü, the course applies global best-practice standards in eLearning design to the NBSE curriculum and has been made available through the NagaEd Digital School. 

The NagaEd Digital School offers students access to learning materials that strengthen learning through notes, videos, interactive games and quizzes. The crash course programme is launching as a pilot in five schools this week, providing training for 300 students and dozens of teachers. NagaEd is offering a month of ongoing support for participants of the pilot programme leading up to their HSLC exams in April, the release stated.

“The collaboration between Australia educators and local teachers is ensuring we co-design education solutions tailored to the local context while accessing best practice from around the world. The pilot programme is an opportunity to capture the voices of students, teachers and administrators for a collaborative approach to designing solutions,” said Kevisato Sanyü.

According to the release, Tran Nguyen, a Senior Learning Designer from RMIT University Australia, has been working closely with teachers in Nagaland to develop digital courses. Nguyen who is based in Australia remarked that working with NagaEd has been an incredibly rewarding experience and a great eye-opener while adding that, “co-designing with the learning and teaching team based in Nagaland has been critical in our development process to ensure our courses don’t lose sight of the context of local students and their learning needs.”

Quoting Nguyen, the release stated that, “From this, the local teaching team has managed to create pilot courses that are engaging, flexible in delivery, and encourage active learning in our students. The way NagaEd navigates the unique challenges that arise when developing courses for remote communities has been impressively innovative.”

The pilot programme is NagaEd’s first step towards a multi-tier delivery model to tackle the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) challenges of Nagaland. The collaborative process involves schools, teachers and students to co-design an education delivery model that caters for the unique challenges in Nagaland such as device accessibility, internet connectivity, poor ICT infrastructure. 

In the release, Patricia Zhimomi, Vice Principal of Christian Higher Secondary School expressed her enthusiasm to see Nagas taking the huge leap into the area of technological education and customising it to their very own curriculum. Zhimomi further appreciated the initiative and expressed hope that all stakeholders get to understand the concept behind and make it materialise in the state’s education system. 

Kevisato meanwhile stated that NagaEd is developing a multi-tier delivery model for students to access quality education resources both offline and online.

“We want to tackle the challenge of equal access to quality education understanding that the lack of access to devices and intermittent internet connectivity has impeded many students,” he said while adding that this is a good opportunity for various stakeholders to get involved.

He has also invited schools to collaborate in co-designing the next phase of the delivery model by contacting NagaEd at hello@nagaed.com or visiting  www.nagaed.com.

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