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Nagaland : Digital Learning Across Schools, DoSE & Digital Education Provider NagaEd Signs Memorandum

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The Nagaland Department of School Education (DoSE) and NagaEd, a leading digital education provider recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for developing the digital delivery model among schools across the state.

Signed by School Education principal director Shanavas C and NagaEd co-founder Shiroi Lily Shaiza, the digital education provider will help to enhance digital learning.

In order to develop the model across Nagaland, both parties will stress on strategies for effective delivery of digital education services to students, teachers, and institutes.

According to the MoU, NagaEd will focus on consultation, research and delivering advisory services to the department for accelerating the processes.

While deliberating on the partnership, Shanavas said NagaEd and DoSE collaborated on the same, since last year when pandemic had its worst-hit across the nation.

During the pandemic, DoSE strived to lookout for programmes that believed in providing  continuous learning to students, despite the shutdown of educational institutions.

Gradually the department commenced on production and uploading of educational videos through YouTube and Facebook (FB) pages.

In the process, NagaEd and the Department jointly worked on developing a software solution, which would focus on channelizing videos and resources through a school-scientific approach.

Through the following, the department would directly connect with students and monitor their learning.

The NagaEd Co-Founder Shiroi Lily Shaiza termed the collaboration as a giant step in taking forward the educational system of Nagaland.

Shaiza further added about difficult times faced by students, parents and faculties.

Keeping in view about the following, NagaEd and the School Education Department are closely working in to provide quality digital distance learning and teaching solutions.

This will further help in empowering educators and prepare students for the future challenges that might emerge in the educational sector.

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