Arenso Pongen

IT Consultant, Volunteer


Having graduated as a computer science Engineer and exposure to work on a wide area in the field of IT, I have good knowledge to apply information technology to solve problems. I have been working as an application developer for both web and mobile platform since my transition to Dubai in the year 2016. My forte is front-end part of the development stack however I am open to work on the back-end as well; database, API etc Previously, when I was working in the capacity of Front-end developer in a start-up, I helped to scaffold the front-end project of the platform and build an internal CMS to manage the platform, apart from implementing new features and fixing bugs.  Before that, I have worked in projects including micro finance, logistics etc… I also build apps for my personal needs namely, personal finance, home inventory, during my free time. I believe that there is no problem that cannot be solved with technology; and challenges are only opportunities to make me better at what I can do. I would like to offer my experience and skills to build something of value contributing to benefit the community.


  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, Anna University - Coimbatore, 2009
  • Master’s in Network and Internet Engineering, Pondicherry Central University, 2013