hello@nagaed.com | +91 69099 31941
hello@nagaed.com | +91 69099 31941

Kevipulie Iralu

IT Consultant

Kevipulie is responsible for maintenance of NagaEd’s LMS instance, development of the Student Information System (SIS) and core admin systems.


Kevipulie graduated in Pune, India as a geologist. He is interested in culture, history and the environment. 

After receiving a Junior Research Fellowship in Geology, he realized his interests began to include the applications of computing with geography and with that he entered the GIS industry.

Kevipulie currently works with ESRI Australia where he consults as a Professional Services consultant.

As a Geospatial consultant, he deploys enterprise GIS software and implements solutions to process and manage spatial data for clients in the southern Australian region.

As a Naga living far away and for nearly 14 years in Australia, he feels that NagaEd and it’s ventures will bring a difference to education in this new world.


  • Graduate Diploma of GIS, Curtin University of Technology, 2006
  • Master of Geology, University of Pune, 2004
  • Bachelor of Geology, St Anthony's College, 2003