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According to the Sustainable Development Goals Report 2021, the pandemic set back education globally. Pre-pandemic, the education sector in India was facing challenges – for eg., students having limited access to quality education and consistently high dropout rate. Therefore, there was a rise in enrollment of students in private schools for want of better education. 

However, during the pandemic, we saw things taking a turn. The role of digital education became more crucial inorder to enable remote learning for students stuck at home during the lockdown. As a result of the rising need of digitising classroom learning, the Indian ecosystem of startups, particularly the edtech sector, boomed. We’re seeing these startups take the opportunity to ensure every student has access to quality education.

The Rise of Digital Education in Nagaland

In an interview on The Lungleng Show, Shiroi Shaiza, our co-founder shared that access to education was the #1 concern for the northeastern people, even before access to livelihood or access to healthcare. And during the pandemic, to continue conducting their classes and exams, teachers and students switched to a digital online classroom as a result of social distancing and lockdown of schools and institutions. Though the concept is not new, the schools, teachers, and students were not familiar with the entire ordeal. 

Fortunately, many schemes and initiatives such as Nagaland’s Education Initiative were also introduced to bridge the widening gap between students and access to quality education. The Directorate of School Education, Nagaland initiated tele/online education programs to support the learning of public school students. Crowdsourcing educational content from local teachers and educators were also initiated to help the students keep up with their lessons. Along with these initiatives, we also saw an influx of various Indian edtech companies offering solutions to tackle our problems of access to quality educational content and resources.

One such edtech company that has come up to resolve education challenges is NagaEd. The company was set up right in the middle of the pandemic in 2020 when the founders, Kevisato Sanyu and Shiroi Shaiza, were actively looking to address the challenges that were unique to the region.

NagaEd as a digital education company aims to provide learning and teaching solutions for students, teachers, and institutions looking for a digitally-enabled educational experience. The company hopes to empower and educate the community about the importance and benefits of digital education. The digital learning management system is designed to:

  • Help schools manage and assist teachers with course creation
  • Assess and keep track of student progress
  • Boost interaction and engagement between students and teachers

Fun Fact: NagaEd is the first company to procure Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Nagaland.

What is a Learning Management System?

What is a Learning Management System?

We’ve been talking about learning management systems (LMS) but what exactly is it? Well, a learning management system (LMS) is basically a web-based software technology that can be used to plan, execute and assess a specific learning process. It commonly consists of two components:

  1. A server that performs the base functionality and 
  2. A user interface that is operated by instructors, students and administrators

An LMS is a cloud based platform that plays a crucial role in digitising classroom learning. It stores up data in the cloud which is a virtual space that makes teaching and learning resources accessible to both teachers and students. This system of learning can help improve traditional methods of learning. For instance, 

  • It can reduce  costs that a physical classroom with physical resources might entail. 
  • It can help save time on certain things like transportation as you can access classes from the comfort of your home.

The future of education is undoubtedly moving towards digitization and an LMS is a core technology which can help facilitate its growth.To know more about its benefits, here’s 6 reasons why modern teachers and schools should switch to a newer solution like NagaEd:

Reasons Why Teachers Should opt for NagaEd

Top 6 Benefits NagaEd Offers to Modern Teachers

1. We Help Teachers Through Every Step Of The Way

The concept of online teaching and learning was almost new to schools, teachers, and students. And during the pandemic, most teachers had to adapt really quickly and learn how to use online platforms to reach and teach their students all on their own.

  • Teachers won’t have to feel like they’re alone with their devices to figure it all out on their own. Instead, we are here to help you implement and learn about the new technology from start to finish so that it doesn’t hinder you in any way.
  • As part of our service, we also train teachers to adapt quickly to modern technology and to utilise our product in the best possible way. This will help you to identify the features and functions of the NagaEd LMS and go on to  apply your knowledge and skills while using the platform.
  • In addition to the training, we also include professional development courses so that you can take a step towards improving and enhancing your  existing skills.

2. You Can Develop and Customise Your Course as Per Your Requirement

With NagaEd, the possibility of modernising your teaching and learning method is seamless. Our system tailors to the learning and teaching requirements of each unique school to ensure best fit. We also have experts from Australia and Nagaland as partners who have carefully curated the training courses to help teachers develop their learning process, lesson plans, and study structures for students. 

Additionally, our product caters to multiple learning styles and hosts a robust library of learning materials from leading institutions such as:

  • The Directorate of School Education (DoSE)

  • Central Board of School Education, and 

  • Central Square Foundation 

You can simply customise the coursework according to your academic requirements.

3. You Get Our Full Support From Start To Finish

Getting started on a new system can be a little scary. We understand new users will probably have a bunch of questions on how to use our LMS. We, at NagaEd, are always available for our partner schools to tackle any challenges they may have during the process. We are always there to handhold teachers, institutions, and students as they adapt to our product. We promise you an end-to-end implementation. 

  • From the start of on-site training to planning and execution, our digital education specialists will be with you every step of your NagaEd LMS learning journey. 

  • We have course modules for easy and effective learning so you don’t have to face any roadblocks and enjoy the process. 

  • We make regular on-site visits to ensure you have quality experience while using our product. 

  • In case you need help even after the implementation and training process, we  have a dedicated customer service helpline open for any of your queries.

Pro-tip: If you have any queries or issues, you can call our Support Line on +91 8730090732 or email us at We’re here to help!

4. You Can Easily Track Your Students' Progress

Traditional educational methods are both mentally and physically taxing while trying to keep a record on your individual student’s learning process. It can be time-consuming and tedious. For example, if you want to understand which subject your class is struggling with, you’ll likely have to sit down for hours going through test reports. Tracking your students’ progress need not be too challenging. You can make use of our LMS to effortlessly track and keep record of your students’ to draw insights and help them progress.

With NagaEd, you can: 

  • Track each student’s performance, interactions and data from quiz scores, assignment feedback, and more.
  • You can view all your students’ progress in an easy-to-use analytic dashboard. 
  • You can further use the analytic report to form valuable insights and identify areas of improvement.

5. Our LMS Is Interactive And Ease-to-use

Maintaining class engagement and having interactive sessions within the classroom can be difficult at times. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to even motivate the students to interact and converse. Our system is here to help you tackle this! 

  • Our LMS is loaded with digital tools and contents such as videos, quizzes, rubrics and content modules to help engage the students in their coursework. 
  • The contents are designed to help the students get fully immersed with their study materials. 
  • We’ve developed an intuitive teaching method based on a layered learning progression that is proven to create more effective learning outcomes. 

6. Your Students Can Connect To Their Learning Materials From Anywhere

With traditional learning, students need to have a physical copy of their textbooks and note copy to start studying. In case, they misplace their learning material, they have to spend time looking for it and can take away precious learning hours. A feature that sets apart online learning from traditional learning is the unlimited and easy access to information and resources. 

  • NagaEd LMS utilises cloud computing technology to help students and teachers share and connect their lessons from virtually any place and from any device.
  • All the educational courses, digital assets and resources are stored safely up in the cloud for easy access. 
  • With the boom of internet connectivity, both teachers and students can easily access and avail resources with a quick tap.

Pro-tip: Learners can opt for printed notes or download the materials on pendrives if stable access to internet connection is an issue.

Give NagaEd a try today!

NagaEd offers modern solutions to modern problems. You can get access to quality materials and resources from anywhere. You can utilise our carefully curated courses for easy learning and effective teaching. You have the liberty to customise and develop your lesson plans as per your requirement. You can easily connect with your students to share study contents at the click of a button. Stay up to date on your students’ progress and never miss out on anything again! We are always here to help you with any issue or problem you may be facing. 

Are you ready to find out how NagaEd works? If so, click on the banner below to get started on your free demo today!

Author: Khrie Hangsing

Khrie is a social media specialist at imagi.NATION, an event management company that also deals with Digital Marketing. In her spare time, she likes to read up on pop culture references and watch old Hollywood movies.

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